01-18-13 Shug's Bachelor party

Come one, come all to Shug's bachlor party.

What's this you say? He's getting married? or is it just a ruse to get drunk on bloodwine, sing songs of bravery and oggle at the Orion dancing girls at the bar?

Come and find out!

All Strke Force Karga's members are welcome to attend.
Event cancelled due to lack of attendence.
Sorry, I wanted to be there but I am out of town myself and can't devote any set times to the game this weekend. :{

I wonder if now is the right time to mention to the general Argo body and many of its new bodies the Klingon fleet and get a few more people over there. Then we can try round 2 of Shug's party? Belated is better than none at all!
The event has been rescheduled, please change the subject headder.
Event cancelled due to date mismatch.

The game calender states that its Saturday, the forum states it's Friday.

The correct date is Friday and since most people go by the game calender and not the forum, the event is cancelled till further notice.
Auuuuuuugh. I'm sorry Gian! :C The stupid in game calender has been such a bucket. :|
I'm going to have some free time again soon so I hope to revive this yet to be completed RP event. Hmm.....it might take place on a day other than Friday since my Friday nights are going to be a bit busy, unless people don't mind doing an event after 22:00 EST. We'll see.
Saturdays are the other ones that work well for most people I have found, but I know depending on other RL events a Friday after 22:00 EST would work for me.
Wednesdays were also quite popular!
If you do it after 22h00 on Fridays or Saturdays, I can say I would totally be there... :d