01 Oct: DS13 Staff Meeting

After a long delay following the death of the previous station Commander, Command of DS13 is returning to hosting meetings for the starbase staff!


When: Sunday, October 1st @ gamma shift

Where: DS13 Conference Room

What: A meeting of DS13's department heads and staff to discuss concerns, needs and current events and assignments.

OOC point of contact: @xanthestar, @lusipurr#2374


We're very aware that people may be unable to attend! Tentatively the idea would be to schedule this for the first weekend of each month; this month being the first. If that causes conflicts due to short notice, worry not! We'll get the kinks worked out soon enough.
I fully intend at this time to be able to make this. I reserve the right however for that to change due to RL circumstances I haven't planned out yet that could happen.
Gamma is always tough for me, since it coincides with "dinner time", a harrowing human custom wherein irrational larvae are bribed and threatened to consume food to sustain their own lives. I will try to attend when possible but this time slot will always be tenuous. Hoping that Lir can represent for engineering semi-regularly.
Generally speaking I can make any time on Sunday, provided I have advance notice to shift recurring family/work/religious obligations to Saturday as needed. I'll be available all day on 1 October.
Sophist wrote:
Hoping that Lir can represent for engineering semi-regularly.
If it's Sundays I should be able to!
Security will be present
I will not be able to make this so Rose won't be there
Kermit will attend for Ops >:d
You're Doomed
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Kermit will attend for Ops >:d

Don't eat or drink anything, and check under your chair before you sit down.
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bobisgod wrote:
Kermit will attend for Ops >:d
Meeting agenda finalised and available for viewing here: http://argo.enjin.com/forum/m/6618775/viewthread/31024544-ds13-department-meeting-agendas