1 Jun Diplomatic Reception

The Independent Romulan world of Mirhassa has agreed to meet with representatives of the Romulan Republic to discuss a possible alliance or even finally take its place amongst the many other Colonies that have sided with the Reunificationsists and the honorable and prosperous life they have built for the Romulan people.

The Republic views this meeting important enough to send a Senator and the Admiral in charge of the Joint Squadron Initiative and has asked to hold the meeting at Deep Space Thirteen.

There will be a Reception held for the Diplomatic envoys prior to the beginning of the Talks, and officers of the 38th Fleet and the Romulan JSI Detachment are invited.


When: Friday, June First, 10:00 PM EST. (Gamma +2)

Audience: Semi-Open. Flag Officers, Squadron Leads, Ship Captains, Starbase Security personnel, Starbase Department Heads, Civilians in the Food Industry, Ambassadors, Diplomatic Staff, Warbird CO’s.

Event Type: Social

Starting Point:Deep Space 13 Embassy Wing Lounge

OOC point of contact: @universal_blue, @Master_Dex


OOC: The Reception is a semi-Open social event. If you aren’t sure if your character should attend please give us a holler.
I'll be able to make it for a little while, but have work the next morning so will need to dip out before it gets too terribly late.
I'll be there!
I may or may not be able to attend this, I think I'd like to try!
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Im willing to give it a shot at attending..barring word lol
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I should be free to attend
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I think I can make this!
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I'll try to make it with Lev.
This is tomorrow!
This is tonight!