10 Jul: Gridlock Debriefing

An open debriefing is being held to discuss the response to the distress call from the Annatar drones and the encounter with Echomet forces. Attendance is not limited to those that were present for the aforementioned mission, but being up to date on recent events is strongly encouraged.


When: Monday, 10 July @ gamma shift

Where: DS13 Conference Room

What: Debrief for 9 Jul: Gridlock

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171 for debrief, @evenrue for original event


(Read the links. Seriously. If you show up and ask who Annatar is, imma throw you out.)
As a heads up to everyone else who suffers from Konie-itis, previous encounter 1 is OOC information and shouldn't be used ICly. He says after linking it ICly and almost using it as information. >.>
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Gamma is too early for me so I won't be able to make this, which is a shame as this discussion seems right up my alley.