10-July-2013 Wolf 359

To: All officer's.

I have been allowed to give a speech at Wolf 359, in memorial to the officer's lost then and in combat since. Any officer's that are interested should make themselves known following this message.

We shall meet on the Starbase, before heading out to Wolf 359.

Captain Marcus Davenport.

TIME: 1PM LA, 2PM Denver, 3PM Chicago, 4PM New York, 8PM GMT, 9PM London
((Ah THAT sounds freakin' cool! Will be doing this on your bridge then?))
(Indeed we shall. The speech will be given on the crew deck.)
(( Wow, cool man! ))
((This is today, all!

Some reading in case you are having selective amnesia and don't remember why Wolf 359 is important:

http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Battle_of_Wolf_359 ))