10 Oct: Icebreakers

Counseling's Morale Department occasionally hosts Icebreakers Events. They are intended for new officers to the station or crews to help get to know their fellow officers. All newer officers and those who will be interacting with newer officers are encouraged to attend.


When: 10 Oct @ gamma +1

Audience:  OPEN 

Event Type: Social

Starting Point: TBD based on number of players.

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


This is considered voluntary OR mandatory (if your character would ordinarily not attend, but you want them to anyway, consider them required to). These are designed to give your character a way to introduce themselves around other than ye olde bar Trek. The number of attendees will determine was activity we will be doing. New characters can attend, but so can older characters who would be interested in meeting newer people.
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To my knowledge, Tala hasn't been to one yet, so that would be a good idea for me.. plus all the new people to meet formally.
I feel like Brie going to these is akin to putting a fox in a henhouse.

So why not, if I'm around.
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