11-17-12: Counterattack Meeting Notes

According to current intel, together, Task Force Argus and the other involved fleets outnumber the enemy forces approximately four to one.

Strike teams are stationed on on the Toronto, Kuraka, and Albion.

The Vanguard consists of the Karuka, Leyette Gulf, Moirai, Lou Yang and the Rhodes, with the Rhodes taking point. The reargaurd consists of the Toronto, the Albion, and the Celtic.

There are two possibilities; one is if we gain the upper hand, and the other, of course, is if we don't. This is obvious. While current intel places Rile's forces as vastly outnumbered, the possibility remains that he has, in his desperation, reached out to allies outside of the empire. While unlikely, this is a contingency we must prepare for.

In either scenario, while the other ships distract the enemy fleet, the Karuka, the Toronto, and the Albion will whittle down the station's shields, beaming their respective strike teams and high-powered explosives aboard. Once the explosives have been secured to t the station's superstructure, all ships are to haul ass back to safety.

Presented in Engrish by Uadri, reluctantly translated by Oliver, and edited for sarcastic remarks by Oliver's first officer.

The original notes by Uadri:
Uadri wrote:
Otnmr enmy by apx 20 to 5 w/ TFA & allies
spd of esnce
tms frm up on Toronto, Kuruka, Albion
vngrd Kuruka Matope, Leyte Gulf, Moirai, Rhodes, Lundys Lane, Athos-C, Lou Yang
rrgrd Toronto, Albion, Celtic
drct aslt - sge
drct fre inffctve vs spr strctre-- EXPLOSIVES
Aslt tms frm Celtic, Toronto, Albion
lwr dckng lvl - coords wll b bmd at lctn
drct spd bck to allied spce