11 Jun: Crosshatching

Between the interrogation of three captured smugglers and intelligence gathered from their impounded vessel and other sources, DS13 intelligence has determined the likely location of what they believe is a waystation for smuggling activity. Only problem is, it's already been investigated before. Argo personnel have been ordered to survey the region again and find a lead... or better.


When: Sunday, 11 Jun @ beta

Where: Kelterre sector

What: GMed bridge and then ground mission RP

OOC point of contact: @evenrue
Updated original post.
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i see ground, will there be MACO stuff to do?
If the Endymion returns in time, I will try to attend u.u
I don't feel as though there would be anything on this mission that MACO is uniquely qualified for, no. That said, you're still welcome to come and there'll probably at least a few nails to hammer.
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I'll try to be there :haha: Bishop has some unfinished business...
A DS13 Intel mission? I'll be there!
Vaebn's always up for tracking down some smugglers.
its fine, addicted to bdo anyway
bump! This is in 45 minutes!
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