11 Oct: Diplomatic Task Force Meeting

Admiral Perim has assembled a task force of officers to explore avenues of establishing peaceful contact with Species 2492. This first meeting will focus on devising a method of making contact without putting lives at risk. Current task force members are expected to attend, and the meeting is also be open to anyone who wants to sit in and see what it's all about.


When: Wednesday, 11 Oct @ gamma shift

Where: DS13 Conference Room (NEW GALAXY BRIDGE MAYHAPS?!)

What: Think-tank!

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171
Should be just getting home at this point, I may be a few minutes late.
Tilly's there, and she may have ideas to bring.
Heck yes.
*Brings his whole crew*
Tadashi will be available! I am happy to play him more often.

Out of curiosity.. are the members anyone who replied to the recruitment thread cause you had implied it was 4 primaries. Did I miss anything there?

Also Nimitz.. you have to bring your ship entirely as well.
Should be able to make it with ease.
Hope to be there!

It's very important that we establish tricobalt devices at every opportunity.

I mean "peaceful relations". It's important to establish PEACEFUL RELATIONS! Hahaha what did I say?
Draz: :Kif groan: :roll:

Sanara will be there, lurking somewhere in the back.
Sorry. I may be slightly late.

EDIT: Sorry, I will definitely be late. A stupid train came through and these last a while.