12-04-12: Failed meeting notes

(IC notes written by Eli during the semi-cancelled meeting)

So today there was an actual planned meeting which people seem too busy to attend, the impudence.

Long story short:

Captain Xun has offered to host a festival of some form to do with his culture, something about remembering ancestors, it actual sounds like a really good idea, I vote we do this one.
Oh! It is called the Dongzhi festival.

Counsellor Sedai complained mentioned about wanting people to be reminded of the compulsory sessions that need to be covered for both you (reading this), and any personnel under you that have been affected by the recent battle.

There was something mentioned about crazy warrant officers and weird promotion recommendations, but I think that is being dealt with separately I switched off after the main portion of the ’meeting’ seemed to finish.

I feel it wise to mention about a required baryon sweep if your ship has not had it done in the past five years.

Another meeting is going to be planned for another time to go over what SHOULD have been gone over today.

(( Thank you so much for posting this, Eli! And what a great read. xD I cracked up. ))