12-21-12: TFA-26th Joint Holosimulations & Casual Introduction

Task Force Argo and the 26th will be undertaking a series of space-oriented combat simulations to facilitate better ties and camaraderie between the two fleets while honing teamwork skills.

This event will begin on either Outpost Argo or Starbase Praetorian, and will include casual conversation and introductions between both fleets, interspersed with mixed 5-man groups running short fleet events, space. Please prep your ship accordingly. If you wish to abstain from the combat, you are still welcome to the event for the casual aspect.

This is tonight, everyone~ :3
As it turns out I have a Minecraft Tekkit lets play in.. about an hour and 20 minutes, so I'll be around for a bit, hopefully for a couple of the ship things, but this will be 'Eli's' last event from when I leave.
Holiday absences and technical difficulties aside, this event went off pretty well! The 26th showed up in resounding numbers, performed superbly at their fleet instance runs, and rocked the RP!

We're now opening the IC sector band channel between TFA and the 26th, with limited access to civilians in the area (I.E. Darius, our freighter captain, Penny BlackKnife, a mercenary, and Pyanfar, their Caitian freighter captain.)

Hopefully there will be many-a-future joint event and intermingling! If only to *represent* for Argo!
I didn't get to enjoy the event itself, but I saw it forming on the Fleet Starbase. Thanks Skyler for organizing it. It sounded like it was fun. I hope to be able to partake next time.
It was a lot of fun, especially for my first RP with not one, but TWO fleets! 8-) Penny, Aprinta, and Fabian had an interesting discussion after everyone left too. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other.
I have to say it was a lot of fun! Thanks for putting it on Skylar. It was fascinating to see everyone's characters come alive. It was my first RP event and can't wait for the next one.
Sad I could not be there myself but I hope to see you lot more