13 JUN : Captain Seafort's Formal Potluck

Captain Seafort's Formal Potluck


When: JUNE 13 @ 9pm CDT (7PM PDT, 10 PM EDT, 2 AM GMT, 3AM BST)

Where: CeMetzli's ship

What: Casual RP event

OOC point of contact: @CeMetzli (Nicholas Seafort)


In order to better acclimate himself with his new comrades, Captain Seafort will be holding a formal dinner party in his quarters on the Hibernia. Everyone is welcome to attend. Formal wear or a version of dress uniform is highly encouraged. Attendees are free to bring a dish to share with everyone.
Due to availability issues, this event has been postponed by one week to June 13th, same time. Thank you.
Aww man now I cannot come... darn
CeMetzli, there is another event on the night of the 13th already:


Just be advised that this might create conflict. Anyway, I'll change the main post and the ingame calendar tonight for you.
They're staggered by a couple hours, figured it was okay if Metzli wants to risk the overlap/burnout.
Oh cool... I may be able to come now
Bump, this is two hours post-alpha tomorrow, all.
Working till 10pm, so I will be fashionably late.
Alpha starts at 1am here. Since thats when i come back from work, i can probably be there.
I should be able to come, assuming we'd be back from Alpha in time or assuming I haven't collapsed as this would start at 4 AM my time.
I'll be there! May be a tad late because of work though!
Will be on time. Just not early. Minor crisis, on way home now.