14 AUG: Rebellion on Ralatak

A few weeks ago, the 38th Fleet valiantly assisted the planet Ralatak to successfully defend itself from a Herald invasion. Ralatak, a discontent vassal of the Star Empire, may now be ready to secede from the Empire and join the Republic, according to intelligence received after the event. The Republic is willing to commit resources to helping the people of Ralatak escape if this is so -- the loss of one of the breadbasket planets would be a major blow to Imperial and Tal Shiar operations and a boon for Alliance operations.

Because of their relative familiarity with the planet, the Republic has asked the 38th Fleet to confirm whether or not Ralatak is ready for a revolution. Infiltrate the planet as Romulan traders, talk to the people, pick up some intel from one of our informants there, and then return your observations to Starfleet and the Republic.


When: 14 Aug @ ALPHA

Where: Briefing on station; trip to Ralatak; debriefing on station/starbase

What: Infiltration, ground combat, BEING ROMULAN even if you're not

OOC point of contact: @aumerie



This event involves talking to scripted NPCs with detailed dialogue trees, which means that participants must hold significant dialogue-tree courtesy for their teammates. One participant will choose the dialogue and let others know what to choose when the dialogue tree forks -- what the NPCs tell you may be very different depending on what you tell THEM! You MUST read, you CAN'T read ahead of the lead participant, etc., and you MUST wait for them to finish. The payoff is that there's plenty of good stuff to chew on in RP here, and if you're in it for the combat/strategy you'll also have a good time. If there's more than one team, you might get a very different result than the other!

The rules for this will be gone over OOC at the briefing. They're very easy, but they have to be followed for this to work. As a courtesy to others, missing the rules means no late joiners. They'll be the last thing to go before we head to the mission. So show up promptly (or semi-promptly!)
I'd like to attend but I'll probably get home when you guys already have an hour into the RP. :(
Will probably be gone all day T___T have social commitments
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I'm interested, though I'm in the same boat as S'Hauen and would be showing up a half hour to an hour past start time.
Sadly can't join you at this time! I got my hands full, but I hope you folks will have a lot of fun :)
Cant come along. Weekend shift.
I cant come either as its too late here.
I'd love to but this day and time doesn't work :(
Just so I know, besides me and Jack is anyone else planning to go?
It's alpha shift. It's a pretty safe bet that you'll have decent attendance. I will be there.
I shall attempt to come but I cannot be 100% on my attendance.