14 Mar The Hunt for Red Thrai

The 38th Fleet Romulan Detachment has been tasked with removing the minefield around Ch'Aehkla and finding the Romulan Imperial Ships responsible for replacing the minefield around Ch'Aehkla. The RRW Saeihr is leading the hunt for the ships responsible for the Minefield and invites other Detachment Warbirds to join in.


When: Thursday, 14 Mar 2019, Beta

Audience: Semi-Open (Intended for the Crew of the RRW Saeihr and other 38th Fleet Romulan Warbird CO's are welcome to join in.)

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Ship Bridge for briefing and RP.

OOC point of contact: @universal_blue


Romulan Detachment Warbird Commanding Officers who wish to join in with the Saeihr Crew are welcome!
This is today!