14 NOV: Ground combat excercise, cadets only

To help preparing them for possible ground combat situations colonel zala will hold at this day a combat excercise/tutoring exclusivly for the cadets of the acadamy annex.
NOTE: The colonel asks all participants to refrain from bringing actual weapons to the excercise since this is a severe violation of station regulations.

When: November 14th (saturday) @ Gamma Shift

Where: Foundry

What: Ground combat

OOC point of contact: @oileus
Bump, this is today.
I'll try to jump on for this. No guarantees as it's towards the end of my normal sleep time.
ok, i was originally planning to use a foundry map of mine so i can RP some advise and tutoring for the cadets. But since cryptic is stil hogging it up ( and i hope it takes them so long so they can finally move it to a proper alpha status ) we will run a PvE queue.