14JUL2017: Space Madness Part 2

An encounter with a lone freighter in a restricted portion of Xarantine space has revealed new information in the investigation of Thiesev tr'Cretak and his possible acts of sabotage. What remains is ciphering through this information in order to find the connection. A two team task force will be put together. Team one will investigate the tri-cobalt signature which was found and teamThe team will scour the intensive scan data from the freighter.


When: Friday, 14JUL2017, GAMMA

Where: The operations room on DS13, computer support from any needed divisions will be routed there.

What: These two This lead will be followed in order to possibly progress to the next phase.

OOC point of contact: @CeMetzli

This will be a fairly straight forward and likely brief RP event. Anyone interested in seeing this through should attend! The following information is made OOCly available. Please review to see what you character would know or have access to.

Report of intelligence facility destruction

Report on missing tri-cobalt device

Message sent to CMDR tr'Cretak

A.A.R.: Space Madness Part 1

Communications about missing tri-cobalt device
Thue should be able to be there.
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I plan to be there with Thue, but I'm still out sick; so it's possible I might not wake up in time, lol. have fun if I miss it!
Bummed I'll miss this. Have fum!