16 - 26 Jul: Argo Summer Social ((2021))

Argo Summer Social ((2021)). The Asimov will be carting a rotation of officers to Risa for this summer’s shore leave. Known workaholics in attendance will be forced to submit to unscheduled PADD checks to ensure reading material is all leisurely.

When: 16 Jul - 26 Jul

  • Fri 16 Jul @ beta: bridge RP, travel to Risa time (social; no designated host)

  • Sat 17 Jul @ gamma: holodeck fun (structured, GM @Valore)

  • Sun 18 Jul @ beta: Argo Movie Club (social; GM @Katriel)

  • Wed 21 Jul @ gamma: Lost Bottle Cove (free form + structured; GM @)

  • Fri 23 Jul Sat 24 Jul @ gamma: Beach clambake and party (social; GM @Katriel)

  • Sun 25 Jul @ gamma: Karaoke night sendoff (social; GM @Katriel )

  • Mon 26 Jul @ alpha: bridge RP, travel back to DS13 (social; no designated host)

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Varies, but primarily social.

If you’re interested in hosting a vacation event, please chat with the staff to have your event edited into the schedule or feel free to post a mission brief for it, as standard!


Hai everybody. There’s a holodeck event tonight at gamma.

Hellooo vacation RPers. For tomorrow’s movie, we’ll be watching City Slickers. :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi all, due to circumstances that were … mostly out of my control, clambake has been postponed to tomorrow @ gamma. Apologies for this (beyond late) notice!

Scene setting aids for clambake


  • Raffle Entry: An attendant is hanging out there, offering a numbered ticket to each person who asks for one. Raffle tickets will be drawn later in the evening for prizes. Only one ticket per person! (If you enter the raffle, please /tell Katriel any random 5 digit number of your choosing.)

  • Buffet! Buffet! Buffet! Buffet!: Most of the selection available from these platters are land-based meats, grains, fruits, pastas, salads, etc.

  • Drinks, Dessert Buffet!: self-explanatory

  • Clambake Pit: The cooking pit here is quite enormous and steaming from the heat, so be careful when you’re grabbing things to add to your plate! (Tongs available.) The majority of offerings here are seafood-based and it’s not just clams, but also shellfish and fish alike. But there are plenty of starches and veggies to round out the flavors while cooking. (A rough guide of what the layering of the clambake pit might look like can be found here.

  • Poker: a poker table set up for Hold’em. (Use discord if you’d like to play.)

  • Drawful: a table set up for the silly Pictionary-ish game. (Katriel can host via discord streaming. Suggest at least 4 interested players.)