16 Feb: Two Cents

In an effort to learn more about the so-far mysterious enemy referred to by Starfleet as "Species 2492", a mission is being organized to visit Itrin Station. The Itrin System has been mentioned and referenced repeatedly by the various natives of the Doza sector as being some sort of regional trade hub with a history that spans centuries. This will be the Federation's first visit to the system and therefore very likely a first contact scenario for at least one species.

While the primary aim of the mission is to gather information about Species 2492, secondary objectives include Starfleet's standard exploratory and diplomatic mandates. Any established ties, goodwill, or miscellaneous information may prove invaluable for continued operations in the region.


When: Friday, 16 February @ gamma shift

Where: Itrin Station (OOCly Drozana and/or ship map)

What: Information Gathering Mission

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171


This event is open to anyone who wants to attend. I will be GMing with the assumption that some/most/all of you have not attended the previous events in this series, and therefore it'll be as good an introduction to this plotline as there'll ever be.

For the sake of time, the initial briefing will be held onboard a ship already en route. If you want to participate, please feel free to assume your character was chosen for the assignment in advance. If you aren't sure of a reason why your character might be attending, please contact me directly and we'll work something out.

The outcome of this event is 100% open-ended, depending on character contributions and decisions. To be prepared for any possible path this event might take, please take a moment to prepare both a dress uniform and a civilian/non-uniform outfit slot, in addition to your regular uniform attire, in case either is needed during the event.

The estimated run-time for this event is 2 - 2.5 hours, plus an optional debriefing following the conclusion.
Although there may be some childcare issues that evening, I’ll try to be in attendance for this one! :)
The timing is tough for me but I’ll try to make this, I’m very interested in seeing new developments in this plot line.
I'll try be there!
Going to see Black Panther with friends, probably can't make this...
I'd like to try and get Tadashi more involved in stories beyond ship fights so I'll try to be there.
So... by popular demand, I shall try and attend
I am interested in this!
Bump! This is tonight.
If I can stay awake for this, I'll be there!
I had indicated interest, but there is a chance I won't make it.. but we'll see.. I might still be able to do it.
I thiiiiiink I can make this, would it be more helpful to bring my Vulcan diplomat or Klingon bard?
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Yeah I'm not gonna make it in time. Have fun everyone.
Sorry Dex!

Re: Sivath. For just a minute, I was gonna go check the roster to see what diplomat you were talking about. And then I got it -_- I have no preference here, and it's open-ended enough that I don't 'need' any character types specifically, so feel free to bring whichever strikes your fancy!

Event briefing starting promptly in 1.5 hours!