18 Dec: Vincennes' Festive Soiree

To: 38th Fleet Argo
From: CAPT Meadows, Rebecca Anne
Subj: Vincennes’ Festive Soiree invitation

Dear officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian contractors of the 38th Fleet,

Around this time of year, when not on an extended-duration deployment, USS Vincennes returns to Earth for annual crew rotations. This year we are scheduled to return on Stardate 98963.7, or Sunday 18 December. It has become something of a tradition on this ship over the past couple of decades that we host a non-denominational ‘festive event’, known simply as the Vincennes’ Festive Soiree. I’ve only been her commanding officer for a comparatively short amount of time, but far be it for me to stand in the way of crew traditions!

Vincennes has a diverse crew, but many cultures across the galaxy observe similar ‘end-of-year’ or ‘winter equinox’ occasions, whether religious or secular in nature, so we invite all of them to observe their traditions here together in some small way. Most choose to share customary food and drinks with their fellow crew, but anything goes. Lt. Commander Kagiso prefers to organise “extreme drinking games”, for instance, and it’s the one time of year when I permit him to do so.

More than all of that, though, it’s a chance for the crew to let their hair/miscellaneous appendages down and have a good time!

This year, we have decided to invite the crews of all the ships and stations of the 38th Fleet to join us (don’t worry about space - while the main event is in Ten Forward, all of Vincennes’ myriad restaurants, mess halls, and holodecks will be made available - it’s a ship-wide occasion!). It’s been a stressful year for us all, so we thought it’d be good to celebrate its demise together. Rather than hosting it in orbit of Earth, this year we’ll be stopping off at Deep Space 13 on the way back to Earth and hosting it in orbit of the station instead!

So, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Deep Space 13 around Stardate 98963.7, beam aboard at 18:00hrs (Vincennes time) and join us in Ten Forward!

Please RSVP via Vincennes’ Operations Department, including any special requirements.

Captain Rebecca Anne Meadows,
Commanding Officer,
USS Vincennes

Shift Time: Alpha +1 (6pm GMT)

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Social

Starting Point: Sector space; bug me for a bridge invite then head to Ten Forward!

OCC: A Christmas party! I don’t know what you guys usually do for Christmas, but I figure it can’t hurt to have events on different days/timezones. Let me know if this clashes with anything big you’re organising and I’ll edit the date/time, though!