18 Mar: Icebreakers

ICly, the psych department holds regular icebreaker morale meetings. Officers may attend on a voluntary or on a mandatory basis (i.e. if you OOCly want to go, but you think your character be the sort to not want to). These are OOCly designed to give characters a setting to introduce themselves to others besides ye olde bar trek.

Non-new characters are welcome to attend.


When: 18 Mar @ gamma +2

Where: DS13 somewhere. Exact location TBD by attendance.

What: Icebreaker morale meeting. Exact type TBD by attendance.

OOC point of contact: @evenrue
Gamma + 2? Oddly late, I suppose due to time shifting? Good thing it is a Saturday though, means it doesn't hurt me any (assuming I have no RL things in the way).

This might be a good thing to bring Tadashi too, who I've not taken much time to properly introduce to everyone. Ooh, and I can bring his daughter too! She is brand new.
I'll go for it.
I will definitely be there.
Sounds great for someone on PST like myself. I'm in.
Caspius will be there--the later hour is a lot easier for me to attend on weekends!