20 JULY - Complications in Surgery

A number of patients, including Argo's own Captain Kell Tanis, are being transferred to Derzelas Station, a specialized medical research facility, for treatment. Due to the strain on medical transports caused by the present conflicts, a number of Argo vessels are being asked to assist with the transfer.

What: Foundry Mission and RP.

When: July 20, 1300 PST (this is highly negotiable if necessary)

Where: Mission begins at K-7. RP can occur entirely in-mission, or begin at the starbase if preferred.

Special Restrictions: Minimal ability use in the ground portions of the foundry mission please. No AoEs.
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I should be able to join this.
I will be there as well.
I should certainly be able to make it for this!!!
I will be unable to attend this, mostly because of a conflicting event in another game, along with the fact I can't stay up too long as I am going on vecation the day after
Bump, this is tomorrow, all.