20 Oct: A Nod Is...

Recent developments have led 38th Command to authorize a mission to attempt to contact the Ralin, the member of the Confederacy of Azed deemed most likely to be receptive to diplomatic overtures.

In order to keep this effort from the presumably more hostile elements of the Confederacy, a Republic Warbird will venture under cloak to the Ralin homeworld, to covertly deliver a communications probe. Meanwhile, the actual diplomatic message will be crafted from the safety of DS13 Operations.


When: Saturday, 20 October @ gamma

Audience:  OPEN 

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: DS13 Operations (embassy ops) / Warbird Bridge

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171


This event will have two groups running simultaneously if attendance allows. The DS13 group is open to any characters that want to attend. You may come to help compose the message to the Ralin, to monitor the tactical situation, or even just to observe the efforts. The warbird group will be restricted to Republic characters. If none attend, that component will be completed off-screen.

There will be no pre-event briefing, so I expect this to be a relatively short event, 1-2 hours.
I think I can make that. Have the Kassandra on Standby for emergencies. :)
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There is a fair chance I can make this one :)
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I will attempt to be available for one of the two sides of this (if no one has volunteered a Rommie ship, we can have Qhenter do that part perhaps if you need someone still).
Thue definitely wanted in on this... so long as I can make it! I don't forsee an issue.
Buuuump. This is tonight!
Sadly a bit too early for me to catch with my work schedule. :(
I should be able to make this with Lev bim Bozgid as part of the diplomatic message effort, as long as civilians would be allowed to help
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