((2021)) Spring Awards Ceremony

You are cordially invited to The 38th Fleet’s 2420 Spring Awards Ceremony. Refreshments will be served in the embassy dining hall following the ceremony. Dress uniforms are encouraged.

Shift Time: Beta

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: To be Announced


Hello, Argo!

Welcome to our first awards ceremony in the discourse era. Our new forums mean we’re changing the way you submit recommendations for promotions and awards. There are two methods:

Regardless of your method, all recommendations for awards and promotions, be they for your own characters or others, need to be submitted before Thursday, May 20th @ Delta. This gives me time to compile the final list and make sure our IC leadership is properly prepared to present the awards.

If you’d like to make an IC recommendation that’s also fine, but you’ll need to use one of the above methods to notify me OOC’ly as well. If you have any questions, please get in touch.