21st Oct | Stormiest Weather

After escaping the MACO on the planet, the survivors must get past the Miranda that's appeared out of nowhere. And where is the Endeavour?


When: Monday 21st October @ gamma + 2

Audience:  OPEN  but with a twist.

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Shuttle Bridge

OOC point of contact: @drcrippler


OOC: This is an Endeavour event. This is an open event, BUT if your character wasn't in the last event, let me know so I can give you the scenario.

Also, your character may or may not be aware of this. It's up to you if you have IC knowledge about it, but here it is for OOC reference:


Also, since this is the last event in the chain, I need to time it so that it fits into the established timeline and makes sense. Because of this, I may have to push this back, but I'll try to let people know in ample time!
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Bump this is happening at Gamma +2 tomorrow!
Thanks all for attending!

Just a reminder that none of this has happened ICly until I post a comment on the Recent Reports sidebar!
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