23 Jun: The Armory, part 1

KDF and allies continue their chase for the elusive Armory...


When: Sunday, Jun 23, Alpha+0*

Audience: Klingon and allies

Event type: Bridge RP

Starting point: Fleet dilithium mine

OOC point of contact: @gulremal
*//OOC: the event time was changed due to general change in the event starting time for the KDF events!
Spoiler: Mission logShow
[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> After some discussion, a decision is made to talk with supervisor Udan...

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise steps up to the table after having examined the salvagers' stock at the station, "Just in time, I hope?"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *enters the secluded area where the team has done some talks* Hello there, customers. You wanted to talk with me?

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "Supervisor Udan, I presume? Please, join us" she greets with a charming smile, gesturing to spare seat

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Very well, how can I assist?

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise takes a seat at the table as well.

Plott DeVice@gulremal sits on a stool.

Egzo@HF_Mudd lets the Orion(s) do the talking, again.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "We understand that your salvage operations have been widespread across this region"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Indeed, we are doing a lot of work in the area. *looks behind egzo* Ah, it seems your friend is here!

Kodon@Nitroglycerin grins, and looks over the table for drinks, "Yes, I'm here!"

Kodon@Nitroglycerin sits down.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> There should definitey be some assorted foodstuffs and drinks, unfortunately no bloodwine unless Egzo brought some in the meantime*

Egzo@HF_Mudd is enjoying some local potable.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *to Lorri* Are you looking for some specific salvage?

Kodon@Nitroglycerin picks up one of the assorted cups, sniffs it, grimaces, then gives a shrug and takes a big drink from it anyway.

Lorri@crystyll nods, "You could say that. Specifically a Cardassian facilty"

Egzo@HF_Mudd puts in his two slips, with a grunted "Old one."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: That describes...well, most of the abandoned stations in the sector. Anything more specific?

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Like, is it a space facility, ground, it's purpose?

Lorri@crystyll looks to the others for input and elaboration

Kodon@Nitroglycerin leans on the table and sets his eye on Udan, watching for a reaction. "The Armory."

Kodon@Nitroglycerin sits in a chair.

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise nods, "Military, possibly containing advanced weaponry."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *blinks* Like, a weapon storage? We found an cache of cardassian ground weapons on an abandoned colony...

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Hmmm...*takes out his padd* You say it's old - do you mean abandoned?

Kodon@Nitroglycerin shakes his head, "NO! -The- Armory. A weapons research facility."

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: "It may be abandoned, it may not. Regardless we want it."

Kodon@Nitroglycerin reaches out to take a handful of food from a plate and stuff it into his mouth without looking..

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Such place would be well defend- wait a moment *pokes at his padd* Last week, we lost a salvage ship, 3 LY corewards. Crew managed to send only a short comm burst before we lost contact.

Kodon@Nitroglycerin chews thoghtfully, listening intently.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: We sent some drones to investigate, but they too didn't return. I've set that area off limits for my ships. *pokes at his padd and holoemitter at the center if the table activates* This is the last -

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - video feed from the ship before it was destroyed.

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: Awesome!

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: ((MT!))

[Team] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: Grrr chat tabs

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> A short video recording plays from the reklari salvage vessel bridge. Crew talks excitedly as their scans and main screen show a rich asteroid field ahead.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> Suddeny alarm beeps as sensors show multiple energy reading rushing out of the belt at maximum impulse. Reklari captain tries to hail the incoming vessels but there is no response. Helmsman -

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - panickly shouts "They are charging weapons!" as main screen image zooms onto incoming vessels, and a fraction of second later purplish beams lance from boogeys towards screen and recording ends-

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: .

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *Udan pokes at his padd and recording plays back for a second, showing the main screen with the attackers, and zooms it*

Egzo@HF_Mudd peers closely at the frozen image.

Kodon@Nitroglycerin washes down his meal with another swig of the spiced drink, then lets out a belch. "Those look like polaron beams to me."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *zoomed image shows 4 smaller vessels: https://gamepedia.cursecdn.com/sto_gamepedia/thumb/b/bf/Jemhadarescort.png/260px-Jemhadarescort.png?version=f35af22b8d066740d117fd8e452cb2a5

Kodon@Nitroglycerin punches the table and stands as though he's ready to jump through the display and tackle the ship itself, "Jem'Hadar!"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: ** framing a bigger ship:

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: https://gamepedia.cursecdn.com/sto_gamepedia/thumb/d/d2/STOJemHadarHeavyEscortCarrierOfficial.jpg/260px-STOJemHadarHeavyEscortCarrierOfficial.jpg?version=ddb8a010485ddcae6830f3b61b225347

Egzo@HF_Mudd grunts and nods to the Old Man.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *is taken a bit aback* Jem'hadar?

Lorri@crystyll considers the image a moment, "I wonder if these are just 'any old Jem'Hadar', or specifically the ones the Vorta mentioned..."

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: "Not new ships either, those are from the Dominion War."

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise nods, "The Cardassians are known for commandeering such ships, sometimes even with Jem'Hadar crews."

[Tell] Plott DeVice@gulremal: you are sure these do not belong to Ulan'katar - as he modified his ships to hell and back, these are really pure old dominion stock

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: "They have been observed to fight for True Way factions in the past."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Well, they definitely sound like bad luck.

Kodon@Nitroglycerin settles back down into his chair, "But good luck for me. Nothing I like killing more than Jem'Hadar."

Kodon@Nitroglycerin spits viciously on the floor.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Whatever is in that asteroid belt, they are guarding it very fiercely.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Could be what we're looking for. Either way, we should go there.

Egzo@HF_Mudd chews on his own snack, and nods again to Kodon.

Plott DeVice@gulremal sits on a stool.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Well, the coordinates of that terrible enounter are embedded in the recording, if you are really dead set to go there.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *encounter

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: You should also keep your watch for another...unsavory individual.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Who would that be?

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *grumbles* There is this...ferengi, calling himself Dai'mon Grosna...he came about couple of weeks ago, and has been causing troubles to my scavenging crews.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "How so?"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: He's challenging our scavenging rights, and he wants to throw us out of this area. So far he didn't attack us overtly, but wheever there's some complication or accident, he's always around-

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Well, if we're heading off to confront Jem'Hadar but can't handle a Ferengi we're doing something wrong.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: HAW!

Egzo@HF_Mudd smirks.

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: "Dai'mon Grosna, a successful Ferengi salvager. I have come across the name before. He has claimed the rather charming name of 'Lord of Salvage.'"

Egzo@HF_Mudd snorts. "Most Ferengi all talk and ears. They have no guramba."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Bah! He calls us thieves and vultures, but what is he? Vulture of vultures!

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: "His vessel is Merchantman class, a much larger variant of the D'Kora, and like the D'Kora it is a very flexible vessel."

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: So he's doing well for himself.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: That means he'll be particularly arrogant.

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: "They may not be Jem'Hadar or Klingon, but Starfleet and other powers have notoriously underestimated Ferengi design in the past. It would not be unexpected if his vessel boasted significant -

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: - armaments like those of some other successful Dai'mons."

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "It also means it's entirely possible he is doing well enough to hire support with more... garumba"

Kodon@Nitroglycerin grunts and nods.

Kodon@Nitroglycerin sits in a chair.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Well, I wouldn't mind if you gave him some proper trashing. I'll drop in some good salvage if you make him leave us alone.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: I think we can handle that for you.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: But please, if these...Jem'hadar come out in force, do be kind to inform us so we can evacuate from here in time, yes?

Kodon@Nitroglycerin chuckles and pours himself more of the spicy liquid he's drinking.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Very well, do you need anything else from me?

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise nods, "We will provide you with sufficient advance warning should the Jem'hadar threaten your operations."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Thank you. Our vessels are designed with economy in mind, they lack the firepower to go against big military forces.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Like ours."

Egzo@HF_Mudd grins.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *nods* Your sensor evasion devices are very impressive. Do you have any for sale?

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *thumbleweed*

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Erm...obviously not.

Kodon@Nitroglycerin lifts his cup to Udan, "Thank you for hosting us, and for the information." He then gulps down the contents.

Lorri@crystyll doesn't even have one for her own ship, so nothing to offer

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: *gets up* If that's all, I wish you luck against these Jem'hadar.

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise also doesn't have a cloaking device either.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: *Bara walks in just as Udan leaves*

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Oh, good to see you're still with us, Kodon.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: What did the scavver boss say?

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Good to see you as well, Bara! He pointed us in the direction of an asteroid field being defended by Dominion War era Jem'Hadar ships.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Looks like something very important is there. Could be the Armory.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Wow, more of those Alpha Jemmies lying around?

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: Looks like.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Perhaps... though this long after the war, they'd need both a cloning facility and a way to produce white.

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Alla which coulda been built into this place we're lookin' for."

Kodon@Nitroglycerin nods.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Also he warned us of a Ferengi Daimon active in the area.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Seems like a good place to check out, then. And Kodon gets to kill some spikey devils.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Ferengi? He loaded?

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Name is Grosna, and yes. Seems to be successful with a ship larger than the typical marauder.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: He's been giving the local scavengers trouble. If he sees profit in us, he'll give us trouble too.

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: "Merchantman class, approximately three times the size of the more well-known D'Kora class."

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: *her eyes widen a bit* A frikin Merchantman? Though nut to crack, but even more sweeter the insides *grins*

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Sooo, what are we waitin' for?

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Nothing now that you know!

Kodon@Nitroglycerin reaches over and gets another handful of food for the road, turning to leave. "Let's go!"

Egzo@HF_Mudd follows the Old Man out.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Oh yes...the reason I came here...long range sensors caught some unknowns, did a quick scout while you were chattin...cardie warp trails, at least two cruisers.

Egzo@HF_Mudd stops. "Eh?"

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: Hrmn.

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise stands, "It seems the Cardassians are getting closer as well, then."

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: They vamoosed before I arrived, so we might have some NCR bois snoopin around.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Shouldn't let 'em get far ahead of us."

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "And watch out - unlike our 'hosts', some of 'em DO have cloaks."

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: *nods* Well, after you guys.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: All this talk, not enough beauty kills...

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Almost a day later, squadron arrives under cloak or energy signature masking to the outskirts of a large asteroid field, circling a lone star.

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise scans the area to check for any Dominion or Cardassian signatures.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Ships are a minute of half impulse away from the location of the attack. Scans show only minor metal rubble, but too much time has passed to catch any energy signatures.

[Emotes] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: rolls 18 (1-100)

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 23 (1-100)

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> Alright, old Dominion ships had tech to detect cloaks, but if their tech is as old as their ships... it is outdated.

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: <C> "I am reading small traces of energy signatures within the asteroid field, but the composition of the asteroids is blocking much of the Premium's active scans."

Egzo@HF_Mudd looks back to his science Gorn, but Shlaak just shakes his crocodile head and continues scanning.

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: <C> "No active ships visible at the moment."

Egzo@HF_Mudd props his chin on a fist and grumbles.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "It's a clever hiding spot."

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: <C> "Yeah."

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "The scavengers were taken unaware when they were drawn in by the bait of those rich deposits. I suggest we give teh Jem'Hadar some bait of their own."

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: One of us plays bait?

Egzo@HF_Mudd almost automatically offers, "Send in the Thana. No cloak."

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "I'll have the Hor'Cha decloak and investigate the rubble. That should get the Jem'Hadar to come out. My ship's older than theirs, so they likely won't see me as a threat! HAW!"

Egzo@HF_Mudd chortles. <C> "Or that."

Lorri@crystyll nods, "It makes the most sense, and we are better suited to taking any opening offensive... indeed, or that"

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: "The Premium uses a large amount of Dominion technology. With slight adjustments, we could pass off as a Dominion vessel, though I am unsure if that will drive the Jem'hadar to attack or to leave."

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "When they start moving int, I'll turn as if to flee and draw them out so the rest of you can strike."

[Emotes] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: rolls 42 (1-100)

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "We happen to have something special aboard that I wouldn't mind parting with either. A gift for the Jem'Hadar, courtesy of wejpuH tul!

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: You'll have to be quite fast, I checked that footage of an attack...those guys were fast, a bit too fast for regular dominion cruiser.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "We still have some of the cloaking mines we routinely place around the base aboard! HAW!"

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: <C> Hag'lhr in position, ready to back your play.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <C> Sure, just tell us where you need us, Old Man.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "We won't be taken unawares, and the Hor'Cha is more agile than she looks!"

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "Is everyone prepared?"

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: <C> "It is likely they have made a number of modifications since the war. They may possess more than irregular speed."

[Local] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: <C> "Premium is standing by to assist."

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> "Well, then hopefully they speed right into our mines."

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <C> Barut stands ready to decloak and bring some pain.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: <C> Thana stands ready. We will hold position beyond sensor range awaiting your order to step in

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> You don't need to wait for my order. Strike when they give you opportunity.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> What about you Egzo?

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: <C> Trust me, I won't leave ya out there alone.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> HAW! Alright then, moving in. It's a good day to die!

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <FX> The Hor'Cha moves towards the debris field. It decloaks and starts scanning the field, putting up the pretense of investigating while discreetly laying out cloaked mines.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Kodon didn't have to wait long for the reaction - barely a minute after he uncloaked, 5 signals start moving inside the field. As they leave the field, a single dominion cruiser and 4 attack -

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - ships speed up as they zone towards Hor'cha, their weapons charging...

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: -- ROUND 1 --

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: -- Kodon's action --

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: <C> The Hor'Cha raises shields and retreats! Delaying just long enough to make sure that the attack ships are on course to pass through the cloaked mines as Kodon leads them on a merry chase!

[Emotes] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: rolls 100 (1-100)

[Team] Sadia@gulremal: my god i was so hoping for this

[Team] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: QAPLA'!

[Team] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: Wow...

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Dominion ships give a chase, following Hor'cha with wild abandon. This makes the cruiser completely unaware as it rushes square front and center into the thick of the small cloaked minefield -

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - eating every damn mine and crumpling under their destructive power as a sheet of torn paper.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Two attack ships closest to the cruiser lose shields due to explosion, but keep singlemindedly pursuing the prey, opening fire.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Their attacks fail to connect.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: -- Egzo's action --

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: <C> DAMN, Old Man! Well struck! Come on, then - can't let you have all the kills and glory!

Egzo@HF_Mudd decloaks and goes after one of the surviving attack ships.

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 78 (1-100)

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Hag'lhr decloaks right in the face of the sheildless ship, and turns it into a flaming fireball with a barrage of disruptor shots.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: -- Lorri's action --

Lorri@crystyll FX | Thana looms into range, bearing down on the nearest Jemmie ship with forward cannons

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 54 (1-100)

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Thana's heavy cannons pepper the second shieldless attack ship. It manages to evade most of the bolts but single one was enough to rip off it's left wing/nacelle and send it spinning wildly -

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - into the void...

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: -- T'Vek's action --

T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise | Premium advances with the Thana, firing a particle emission plasma torpedo at the other shieldless Jemmie ship.

[Emotes] T'Vek of Vulcan@anncarise: rolls 14 (1-100)

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> While unable to control it's movement, enemies' wild spinning borks the PEP torp's targeting and it explodes prematurely, failing to do any damage.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Barut decloaks on the flank of one of the healthy attack ships, and opens a barrage of disruptor fire followed by a photon torpedo.

[Emotes] Sadia@gulremal: rolls 87 (1-100)

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Disruptor barrage drops the surprisingly weak shields and torpedo rips off the ship's aft section...

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Surviving healthy attack ship puts all power to engines and tries to ram the Hor'cha!

Kodon@Nitroglycerin calls out to his crew, "Brace for impact!"

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Indirect hit! Impact takes out Hor'cha's shields and lightly damages its port wing, while attack ship -

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - loses its starboard nacelle and drifts in space.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Attack ship damaged by Lorri tries to get its engines back, but fails miserably and detonates due to power overload!

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> And with that, the battlefield falls silent...

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: -- SCENE END --
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