23 Nov: Cosmonauts: Rescue Mission

In stardate 92838.5 alla communications coming from the U.S.S. Ananke have ceased. Last report indicated that the ship was reaching the coordinates of an unusual gravitational activity it detected in an unexplored area of the Doza Sector.


When: Friday 11th (Forum RP); Wednesday 23, Beta +2(Bridge/Map RP)

Where: Forum RP (eventually flanked by some Bridge RP, due to the impossibility to use the Foundry)

What: Rescue mission of the U.S.S. Ananke and her crew.

OOC point of contact: @chrisdubois


Ok, the first idea was to make a Foundry mission about that, although I'm terrible at doing that. Unfortunately, that's not an option anymore. However, I prefer to involve other players instead of developing the whole story alone. So, the idea is simple: the prompt for this RP is my short story, Cosmonauts. The RP will start after Part V (which I'm still writing, and which will explain what the Ananke found out there). After that, the rescue mission will start. I still have not given a date, since I wish to see who will participate, and find a suitable date for everybody. By the way, I guess this is a mission for no more than three players/starships.
Also, it would be wonderful to find a master willing to take care of it.

EDIT: Added dates.
I would love to go as an individual, if another player would be willing to let me play a crew member.

I'm interested, I can go on Konie or Doc Holliday depending on the day of course.
I will try to be present in this :d #BringAnankeHome
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I'd like to come to this, but I can't commit until a date and time is established.
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Thank you guys!
So, I can say we could do it around the 18 or 19 of November, if it's feasible for you. Probably I'll master it myself (so, please, be kind). I'm still wondering if it'll be better to publish the Part V of the story first, or only after the mission (so that you really don't have any clue of what you could find out there).
Depending on when it is held, I would like to join.
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If the date works, I'd be up for participating
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Neither day will work for me unless it's after 9 central...
Well, the Forum RP can start at any hour. About the Bridge RP which will follow it...do you mean 9 am or pm?
That's unfortunate :/ For me it's impossible to begin at such an hour (for me, it would be to begin around 4/5 am XD).
That's unfortunate :/ For me it's impossible to begin at such an hour (for me, it would be to begin around 4/5 am XD).
Timezones ftl
Indeed :/
Moreover guys, I just remembered that the 18 one friend of mine finishes her master, so I've a feast to attend...in other words, the day is the 19, officially!
The forum RP will begin this Friday.
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What time on the 19th?
I knew I was forgetting something: 09.00 pm CET (which is 03.00 pm EST).
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I will try to be present in some way
Due to unexpected inconvenience, the event will be rescheduled.
Forum RP will proceed until the new date.

EDIT: The event is scheduled for Wednesday, 23rd November. Beta +2.