24 Nov: Return to Kilur

An expedition is being organized to perform a follow-up survey of the Kilur System. A previous expedition to the Kilur colony in the Droni System allowed an away team to retrieve a database that has provided some useful information. The hope is that a team may be able to uncover clues from Kilur about the still largely unknown region of space facing the 38th Fleet - or even something about Species 2492, themselves.


When: Friday, 24 November @ gamma+1

Where: Kilur System; Shuttle map; possibly other ground map(s)

What: Exploration/Investigation

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171


Unfortunately, we don't have the foundry available for this, so there will be lots of imagination required.
I will definitely try to make this! The timing is tricky but I very much want to see the next development in this storyline.
I'll be there, obviously.
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Somewhat late, but I'll try to make it!
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Shiarrael will do her best to try to make this!
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I'll be there!
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If it's not a problem to jump in a little late in the storyline, I'd like to go, as well. It's actually at a time I can attend on a Friday. (In theory, please be good all you little critters.)