24 OCT: Auction Infiltration (Life on DS13: Gamma+:30)

The following transmission was intercepted earlier this week, advertising an auction at an independent base inside an asteroid near the Drozana System.

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Need Weapons? Medical Supplies? Starship Components?

What about rare and valuable luxury items? Or even salvaged Borg technology?

Perhaps you have something of your own that you'd like the opportunity to put up for auction in front of a group of wealthy VIP clients?

You'll find all of this and more at ******'s First Annual Auction Extraordinaire! Stop by our privately owned asteroid base between Stardates 90812.8 and 90813.6 for some of the best opportunities in the sector! This auction is perfectly legal and sanctioned by the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

Attached to this transmission, you'll find the coordinates to the asteroid, as well as a short list of just a few of the items being auctioned off.

Many of the items listed for sale match the descriptions of items that were stolen from DS13 several weeks ago. Captain Morton is requesting any available officers to report to the conference room for a short briefing followed by a mission to investigate the auction.

When: 24 Oct (Friday) @ Gamma+:30

Where: Starts on DS13

What: Briefing, then mission!

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod, @lobstertan, @universal_blue

(( We'd like attendees to have available some sort of non-uniform/off-duty costume slot. Thanks! ))
This sounds like a perfect job for Hesuia so ill try to be there.
I got lucky with my work schedule and am only scheduled 'til 4, so I'll be there.
Sounds like an awesome idea, am planning to attend but might be 10-15 minutes late.