(24AUG GAMMA) - Waydi Meeting


Task Force Argo Captains,
Request for Support for Waydi Mission

We have intercepted encoded transmissions from the Waydi that they desire another meeting. We are not sure entirely what to expect and assistance is requested. It's likely their plan to attack their Klingon rulers is finally at hand! All ships will leave the Starbase at the appointed time. The time has come to rid the Waydi of their Klingon oppressors!

All personnel will meet at the starbase to be fitted with specially designed translators to assist in communication with the Waydi before the mission.

Any questions can be directed to Command or the Ops Officer.

LT Jal'Shan
Admin Officer

(( GAMMA shift on 24AUG we will be doing the second to last Waydi mission. Anyone can participate. Event is posted in in-game calendar. POC is @ompgaming1 ))
((This is today, all!))
Because I messed up some stuff in the dialogue build, I have posted what was said here:

Its close as I can remember for the Waydi translator part. May adjust when I get back in foundry and cut and paste from there.
Spoiler: Klingon - Waydi - DialogueShow

KLINGON CAPTAIN: Starfleet Officers, I am Kraga, House of Garn. I am here to offer my assistance to you and the Waydi.

RESPONSE: - Forgive me if I sound a bit distrusting. Why?

KLINGON CAPTAIN: My house, House of Garn, is in contest with another Klingon house, the House of Kartain. Both houses are biding for control of various star systems within the Klingon Empire. As it happens a prominent figure in the House of Kartain, Erak, has been appointed by the Empire to lead the plunder of the Waydis system. His success may solidify thier houses approval above my own.

RESPONSE: - So you're motivated by greed for power within your Empire?

KLINGON CAPTAIN: I cannot let the House of Katrian have succes in their mission to plunder the Waydi system, even if it means working with the honorless Federation and its fear-controlled Starfleet.

RESPONSE: - You're insults don't increase my desire to help you.

KLINGON CAPTAIN: You'll do it anyway..... if you care about the Waydi. With your fleet's and my inside knowledge, you could free the Waydi from Erak and his devastating war machine. Left unchecked its only a matter of months before what remains of the Waydi are completely subjegated by the Erak.

WAYDI AMBASSADOR: This is true. Our world suffers daily under their grip. Despite the unfavorable circumstances, the Waydi people ask that you consider this alliance. *IF you have the translator: Help Waydi..... dislike Klingons, but..... these help us..... best of choices.... Please

- <continue>

KLINGON CAPTAIN: The choice is yours Starfleet. What will it be?

RESPONSE: - Well.....

TACTICAL OFFICER Captain, Klingon ships de-cloaking, their on an intercept course, we need to rais shields!

- <continue>

KLINGON CAPTAIN: Think about it Starfleet. We will talk again! Now get your filth off my ship!

((Thanks for attending all.

Gretchen has an uh-ma-zing AAR.))