25JAN (GAMMA) - Attack On Cardassian Separatist

OOC: Attack On Cardassian Separatist

(BUMPED to the 25th of JAN)

On 25JAN Gamma , I will be hosting an event that is a ship and ground attack on Cardassian Separatist that have been responsible for recent attacks on Bajoran interests.

This is NOT the IC announcement for the event, but just a week warning of it.

I will put out an IC call for assistance from the Atlas to conduct the mission closer to the start of the event. All are welcome to partake. This is going to be a foundry mission, with supporting secondary foundry missions so there is no numbers cap, we just have to break into groups. Also, if you want to partake in the event, but can't make the time, I am going to post a supporting foundry mission that anyone can do at any time, and is associated with the main event.

POC is dae@ompgaming1

If you have any questions please let me know.
Just a reminder, this is today!