27 Oct: Little Green Men

Commanders d'Evreux and Konieczko are organizing a mission to the Yuhop System to investigate reports of a wormhole aperture that may represent a connection between the native Yuhop and the mysterious "Species 2492".


When: Friday, 27 October @ gamma shift

Where: Ship bridge, fleet map(s)

What: Investigating the Yuhop System

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171


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I'll try to be there!
I'm in for this
This better not end up in Roswell.
Master_Dex wrote:
This better not end up in Roswell.
You know what they say, "Roswell that ends well"!
Oh, I didn't even see this was at Gamma. >.> I'll be cutting it close, but should be able to make this event.
I'm incredibly under the weather which means I won't make this ☹ which was a shame as I was looking forward to getting involved
This is todaaaaayy!
Looking forward to it!! Will get in late so start the party without me!