29 May: Spring Awards Ceremony ((2022))

You are cordially invited to The 38th Fleet’s 2421 Spring Awards Ceremony. The Admiralty will be presenting awards and promotions to Argo personnel, based on their service and accomplishments within the last half year. Refreshments will be served in the embassy dining hall following the ceremony.

Fleet dress uniform is required at the ceremony.

Shift Time: Gamma

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: TBA

As in the past, we’re asking YOU for nominations for awards and promotions! These can either be for your own character, or someone else’s.

There are two options for submitting your nominations:

1) Start a personal message to the staff group on the forums. The easiest way to do this is to click this link: Start Nomination PM.
(Alternatively, you can click “New Topic” from the front page, then click the + in the top left corner and select “New message”. You can then add the Staff group as a recipient.)

2) Open a ticket on discord. To do this, send the following command in any channel in the Argo server: !ticket open {ticket name} This will open a ticket in the “INFO” category, where you can send your nominations.

Nominations can either be purely OOC (“I think Kermit deserves a promotion”), or in addition to an IC nomination from one of your own characters (“Katriel ICly nominates Kermit for a promotion”). Nominations can be general/generic or for specific IC actions. If your nomination is for a specific event, please try to provide us with a link to the relevant AAR so we can avoid duplicates.

Note that you do not need to attend the ceremony for your character to receive an award. As always, a full list of awards will be posted afterwards.

In order to give us enough time to compile the awards list and get everything set up, the deadline to submit nominations is May 27th at Alpha.

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Reminder, just a little over a day left to submit your nominations!

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