29 NOV: The Engineering Deck

The Engineering Deck

Sometimes they're forgotten. The ladies and gentlemen that work day and night to keep everything running. Broken replicators, ship mounted phasers, torpedoes, deflectors and even your interior decorations that need a quick fix. The engineers on Deep space 13 are ready to help you day and night. Now, you have the chance to visit them and help their problems. Engineering themed situations will be ready for any officer to take on under the guiding eyes of the Chief Engineering officer. So come all, if you are interested. Learn, work and have fun!

When: Friday, Nov 20 @ ALPHA shift
Sunday, Nov 29 @ LAMBDA shift

Where: Start at DS13

What: Time to work on Engineering projects, get your ships fixed and do anything engineering related! Each time a new mystery to solve! I expect this to be once every month or so, just a more focus on the true yellow side of the fleet. The guy and girls that keep everything running. Bring your engineers, officers that are interested or just anyone you like.

OOC point of contact: @ahex
(( Due to my own scheduling error, I am doing this on Friday the 20th at ALPHA instead of Saturday the 21st at Gamma! ))
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A certain half-breed Vulcan engineer should be able to make this as I took the day off (Mockingjay Part 2 on the day before!) and I'll be out of class by Alpha -30 minutes lol.
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Due to similar circumstance as last week. I won't be able to do this today. I had a hard hit again today and I'm not ready yet.
No problem mate. Get yourself sorted. I can relate. Just lost my grandma last week and my family's been busy too.