30 NOV: Tinashe Embassy Grand Opening

The new Tinashe Embassy on Casperia Prime is having their grand opening celebration. Representatives of Task Force Argo have been invited in gratitude for their relief efforts from earlier in the year.


When: Sat, NOV 30th @ Gamma (4pm EST)

Where: Fleet Embassy holdings. Please meet in space, pre-beaming down.

What: RPing and some minor problem solving, then a celebration bit

Primary OOC Contact: Katriel@evenrue
So, just some additional information on this:

This is the finale event, so to speak, for Katriel's Casperia arc. And yes, I'm sure we will all be very pleased to stop hearing/reading about Casperia after this! It's not a huge or complicated crazy, and there's no combat, so feel free to break out your doctors and/or science officers :p

Having said that, there IS one thing you could OPTIONALLY do to prepare for this event in advance. This would be to run the fleet action Starbase Incursion, during which you will receive a flashlight device, which you should and can hang onto! Again, totally optional, won't ruin anything if you don't have it and if you do have it, it may only improve your RP experience by a tiny margin, depending on how you are about such things.

If you don't know what Casperia is or why Argo presumably cares about it, this is the original disaster post and this weekly report details how Argo willingly diverted resources to recovery.
Thanks guys for ... ... participating in this. :roll:

Puzzle image for posterity: http://i.imgur.com/yXhuimH.png