30 Oct: Halloween Social

Argo will be holding an all-day Halloween Social event in the embassy lounge. Organized events will take place throughout the day on every shift.


When: Sunday, 30 Oct
Gainsborough Costume Party @ alpha
DS13 Costume Contest @ beta
Argo Film Club Screening @ gamma
Ghost Story Circle @ delta

Where: DS13

What: All day Halloween social

OOC point of contact: Any Admin


Organized events are being held at every shift. Costumes are encouraged.

Gainsborough Costume Party (alpha)
The Gainsborough crew and staff have graciously offered their facilities for all personnel to gather and socialize over seasonal food and drink offerings, as well as share their costuming efforts.

Costume Contest (beta)
First, Second, and Third place prizes will be awarded to winners. If you are interested in participating in the contest, please post your intention to enter as a reply, and have your costume prepared BEFORE the start of the event. Additionally, if anyone is interested, I'll take two volunteers and an alternate to help out as judges for the contest.

Movie Night (gamma)
The Argo Film Club will be presenting a suitably seasonal offering. Please vote on your preference here: http://argo.enjin.com/forum/m/6618775/viewthread/28569968-halloween-social-movie-poll-2016

Ghost Story Circle (delta)
Bringing back the story circle tradition! Characters will gather around the fireplace and take turns telling scary ghost stories. Or just ghost stories. Or ... just stories with a vaguely Halloween-slant. Up to the individual! Pre-typing is encouraged if your character's telling is not especially interactive.


Other seasonally-appropriate offerings:

'West Elm Street' Holoprogram
Dae has built a "Trick Or Treat" foundry that is ICly deployed on DS13's holodecks and available to the general public to call up and run. You will want to search "ompgaming" under "Review Content" to find it, it's named "Trick-or-Treat". There may or may not be a creepy looking graveyard at the end of the map for shenanigans, too.
Tilly will enter the costume contest.
Mischa will join in the contest too
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Keth shall enter the contest or judge. Whichever works out best for the admins.
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I may be able to make it, I've been wanting an excuse to wear my Tribble Buster uniform for months.
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Thue's in, despite the devs giving Rommie players almost nothing to work with wardrobe-wise :p
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Will try to make it but I think I'm attending a halloween party that weekend
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I can't see Sivath participating in the contest but maybe he could have his arm twisted into judging, if there aren't enough volunteers. Put me down as an alternate?
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Bill's in!
Most of the events will be when I'm not home, but I'll definitely try to hang out when I do get home if there's anyone left. I may be able to make Delta, tho...
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Just a note for the Europeans that might go to these: daylight savings end this day, so, for example, if the alpha shift was at 4 pm for you, it will be at 3 pm instead.
Should be able to do everything but Gamma :)
Bump, reminder that this is going to be this upcoming weekend on Sunday.
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So there! lol
Costumes recommended but not mandatory!

Come join the crew of the USS Gainsborough for Halloween-themed food and drink!

Join in the pumpkin-carving hour and show off your skills and eye for detail! Pumpkins, lighting, and carving tools supplied for all.

Burn up the dance-floor to spooky hits and haunting melodies!

Bring the family! All ages welcome.
Konie can either participate or judge the costume contest. I have a costume setup that he'll wear either way.
Why, oh, why did I have to get switched to Sundays?! I *might* be home in time for the film club, but should be able to make delta, if I can stay awake after work that long.
BUMP (insert cool graphic like Kermit or Kat use)

This is today folks!
Going to last minute remove myself from the costume contest. Can still judge though.