31 Oct: Argo Halloween Social

The events division is holding a couple social fun festivities for this year’s Halloween festivities. Come socialize and mingle!

Shift Time:

  • Costume Contest @ BETA
    If you are interested in participating in the contest, please post your intention to enter as a reply, and have your costume prepared BEFORE the start of the event. Additionally, if anyone is interested, I’ll take two volunteers and an alternate to help out as judges for the contest.

  • TBA activity @ GAMMA
    This might be an Argo Film Club screening of something seasonally appropriate, but I am also looking at some actual game-like activities we could do instead. TBD.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Social

Starting Point: DS13


I volunteer H’ajah to judge.


I second that.

Also if I can make it I’ll do something with the Endeavour pair likely that I didn’t get to do last year.

Chell will be entering the contest as a contestant, and will happily dazzle everyone with her costume skills.

Valore can be a contestant

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I may have time to try and join the contest

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im in

(extra letters. there is a 20 character minimum for some reason)

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