4 February - DS13 Staff Meeting

The meeting during the boring month of the year.


When: Sunday, February 4th, Beta Shift

Where: DS13 Conference Room

What: A meeting of DS13's department heads and staff to discuss concerns, needs and current events and assignments.

OOC point of contact: @xanthestar, @lusipurr#2374

Per the doodle this is the time when most the most people can make it - and Pathfinder got canceled, so I can too!

Link to January's Agenda
This month isn't really boring for me, lol. That being said, if Dan ends up not making it, I'd be late arriving due to work things likely (not confirmed though). So hoping he's got it covered.
So hoping he's got it covered.

Sorry, I'm not available on Sunday. Late it is!
The this is the official notice for Caspius that Science will not be available on time, he should adjust our expected arrival accordingly.
Security will sadly not be present either, I have drill that weekend and its unknown weather Ill get to come home early that day or not. If I do Ill be there if not Sara or JuJu will have to pick up the slack
I can probably be there if Pohl can't make it!
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Rose is there
The meeting agenda has been posted.

Department representatives, please PM me with your departmental agendas.