4 May: Investigate the U.S.S. Ceres

A expert in the Borg will come to the station to brief about what is believed to be a Borg take over of the Ceres by her engineering officer who is a liberated Borg. She will inform that she wishes the woman returned to her alive, if possible, and that limited damage come to the U.S.S. Ceres during the mission.


When: Thursday, May 4th, @Gamma

Where: Ship Bridge

What: A very dangerous mission to counter a take over of the U.S.S. Ceres by an unexpected foe

OOC point of contact: @vineco


This might have a level of WTHuh at some point and I apologize for that, heh. It will be a very dangerous and if anyone wishes to end a character during this mission, feel free to request it. I insist that those involved in the mission be those characters who it would be logical to be there. No chefs!
I'll see about trying to make it.
When is Gamma?
When is Gamma?

8:00 Pm EST I believe?
I'd like to attend, but I'd be a minimum of an hour late depending on traffic.

And Nimitz is correct, Gamma is 5pm PST/8 pm EST
for Thursday, I believe I can manage it (I am no good for Friday or weekend this week).

I somehow doubt my Romulans would be as appropriate (though Taiv sword killing Borg sounds fun, as does Rekar full metal punching some with his robot hand)... maybe I could bring Tadashi though.. I'll think it through.
I can attend on Thursday at Gamma, but I don't know if it would be appropriate for the Station's Acting XO to be there. If so, you can count me in; if not, no worries. :)
Without speaking for the GM, I'd imagine that any starfleet or republic officer (who are all trained to a minimum standard for dangerous missions) would be welcome.
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Sounds like I'd be perfect for my liberated Borg, but I'll be working that day and probably couldn't get on until late anyway.
I do not know if I can attend. I have a lot going on.
I'll try to make it!
Well, wound up home from work so I'm gonna try and make this I think
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