5 January: Flying With the Salvage

The Valley Forge sets out to pursue a tip from an acquaintance they made in their travels. This new information could be another lead to continue the ever more desperate search for Gainsborough survivors, if this mysterious informant proves to be reliable...


When: Friday 5 January 2018 @ Beta +1

Where: Valley Forge Bridge

What: Potential Negotiation / Space Combat Situation

OOC point of contact: @anncarise, @crystyll


As usual for Valley Forge events, it is OPEN TO ALL, including personnel of other ships and the starbase. Combat may be involved, but a roll system will NOT be utilized. Due to IC reasons stated in the linked message, the Valley Forge will be the only ship present and all attending players will be on board.
NOTE: This event is no longer considered the start of Valley Forge Season 2. Season 2 will start with January 19th's event, A New Search.

For those interested in learning more, these are the key reports and communications that will provide you with a concrete understanding of the Valley Forge's assignment and current status of the mission:

Denouement Event: Loss of the Caelian, Damocles, and Gainsborough

Communications: Valley Forge's Search and Rescue orders

Fish Out of Water and Xe Marks the Spot Events: Deciphering alien map for potential leads

Conflict of Interest Event: Recovery of Gainsborough shuttlecraft and first meeting with Salvage-Ship commander (our mysterious informant)
Meeting with a mysterious stranger that the system has flagged to be malicious...what could go wrong? Sam will be there! :d
I will try to attend, somehow. Bad period for doing everything this ghgh
I should be able to attend this. Morning shifts all week means I get out right at Beta and I'll be home in plenty of time for +1
I don't want to guarantee anything, but this is tentatively possible for me as well.
This is today in ~6 hours.