5 SEP: Life on DS-13 (PH)

((Details below stand as a placeholder, and just as a rough guide until more details are ready to be placed here within the next two days))

- The crew of Deep Space Thirteen get their fair share of work through the weeks of Task Force Argo's various assignments. But just what does go on through the more natural day to day lives? In a trial run at what hopes to be a continuing set of interactive and engaging Fleet arcs set aboard the former Outpost Argo, the focus will be based on how the station is run and in particular the efforts and struggles the crew go through in an effort to bring some more secure and reoccurring Starbase Crew RP.

Note: While the focus is based around the Station, this of course remains open to all characters.


When: 5th Sep @ Gamma-ish

Where: DS13

What: The beginning of hopefully a continuing weekly Starbase-focused RP session

OOC Point Of Contact: @bobisgod - @lobstertan
Agh not going to be able to come
Nooo, I've got a thing this Friday! Every other Friday is great, but this Friday... there is a thing. :(
Sounds really interesting! I'll try and make it
I fear i wont be able to make it. Stupid late shifts.
I might be an hour late but I think I can make it.
Ill try to join this one.
I'll do my utmost to make it to this, I'll make sure to set about 17 alarms to get me up so I don't sleep through it like all the other shifts lol
I'd definitely like to make this if I can wake up on time. I've been actively trying to expand on Jerin Teral's involvement with the fleet.
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I'm there now. :p
Crap...totally forgot it was Friday. That's what happens when my work week is twisted around.