6-SEP-13: Waydi Finale

Partake in the final Waydi mission for its arc! A late night Friday event not on any scheduled shift.


When: Fri, Sep 6th at 12am EST (this is NOT an alpha shift event)
Where: Starts at Starbase
What: Briefing, foundry and aftermath
Primary OOC Contact: @ompgaming1

Task Force Argo, this is Admiral Garrin of Task Force Zennith. We have received communications that the Waydi have rebelled against their Klingon Occupiers. Their campaign on the ground is showing rapid and decisive victories. If the system can be secured from Klingon ships, its likely they can quickly end this occupation.

Starfleet has determined that sending a Task Force to assist the Waydi benefits the Federation as well as regional stability. My task force is en route to K-7 at this time. I have sent a vanguard of ships ahead of us to gain a foothold in the Waydi system.

I would like any available ships from Task Force Argo to meet me at K-7. With our combined force, we will secure the Waydi system and ensure that no Klingon forces can intervene before the Waydi have gained control.

I'll meet you at K-7. Admiral Garrin, out.

((Mission starts tomorrow night on the Starbase. Hope to see you there. Let me know if you have any questions! - Dae))
((Prooooooops for the props, that's so cool. I may or may not be able to make it, dependent on in-law dinnery.))
((If you can you'll be fun to have with Skyler. Don't race RL for it, though.

Everyone else - THIS IS COMING TONIGHT! ))