7th Aug | Music Night

The ship and the crew has been through a lot over the last few weeks. Commander Larson has organised a music night for the crew to wind down and enjoy. She's opened invitations to the wider fleet and the starbase. Sign ups to perform are open.


When: Friday 7th August @ Gamma -1 (rough timing; since this is a social event, timings will be flexible and people are welcome to join and drop out as wanted).

Audience:  OPEN 

Event Type: Social RP

Starting Point: U.S.S. Endeavour (OOC: K-13)

OOC point of contact: @drcrippler


OOC: A USS Endeavour event. Date and location subject to change depending on when we go to Risa.

For those who haven't been to one of these before, it is pretty much bar RP, just with background music. Don't expect too much.

Everyone is invited and everyone can perform. Best way to do this is to find a YouTube video or song to share.

The last time I checked, Azuzu had issue connecting to YouTube to add songs, so we'll be using the music bot on Discord to listen to songs in real time. The best way to do it is if requests are PM'd to me as YouTube links and I'll add them to the queue to prevent people accidentally adding songs over each other.

I'll also paste the link in game for people to listen to without having to use discord, but bear in mind that it won't be in 100% real time.
Act Sign Up:

  • Sam and Tasha
  • Miriam
  • Gabriella < yes she will be performing, no questions asked.
  • Molly Faraday
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Bump, this is tomorrow. We'll actually be colonising K-13, which will stand in for the Endeavour lounge, to allow for people to come and go as they feel like it.

There's a table in the corner that we'll be using as a stage. It'll be obvious, as there will be people standing on it.
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