8 Apr: Telephone

The Federation is sending a group from Argo to the Xarantine Sector in order to repair satellites and study a system there. There is no way this could end poorly. And it would be ludicrous to think that this would end with Argo going to an independent Romulan colony that also just so happens to be in the Xarantine sector.

When: 8 April at Alpha

Where: Bridge RP, possibly some ground RP on the fleet dilithium mines.

What: Going to check out a satellite and it's system.
Spoiler: If you /really/ must know what's actually happeningShow
Stuff with Terix. You don't get anything else out of this spoiler.

OOC Point of Contact: @dienonychus

Note: As always, everyone is welcome, but there is something I would like to ask of everyone that may come.

If you have a character which you would like to have more development with, or have a character that you would like to have become more involved in the Terix plot, PM me on the forums about in what way you would want this, and I will almost certainly work it into this event.

This of course doesn't mean important, character developing stuff won't happen to your character if you don't PM me, that just means it won't be certain.
What time will it be at?
It will be at Alpha, which is 8 pm EST, or 12 am GMT. It is listed in the original post under when:
Okay i totally missed that for some reason, thanks.
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I hope to make this, but it all depends on if my stomach lets me sit up straight. :(
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My social life has picked up a lot recently, so I don't have much time to hermit in front of my PC. Won't be able to make this, sorry.
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I will almost certainly be there. Family is visiting, by they should be gone (or at least out of my hair) by then.