8 Aug | Get Your Hands Dirty

A team (or several) needs to investigate the captured Xedi ships to study computer systems and technology found inside.


When: Saturday Aug 8, 2020 @ beta +1

Audience: Open

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Engineering Deck, Deep Space 13

OOC point of contact: @dryadae


Ideally, we want starbase Intel, engineers and security accompanied by anyone directly involved in the capture Xedi convoy storyline. If you need a reason to get in on this but don't have one of the above listed characters, contact @dryadae, Beylara in discord.
Isn't the Saturday the 8th? With Sunday being the 9th?
I’m free both Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th, so either works for me.
Sorry, the original was a Sunday and I moved it. This is probably my most scattered mission brief in history! COrrecting!
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Not Intel, security, or engineering but Alina might be useful to this, heh.

Bey's given me full management of the Xedi stuff. This event will continue as planned, but I will be the one DMing it.

If there any questions, do let me know.
This is today.
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