89750.5 - Fleet Morale Survey

The psychology department has completed and released the results of their quarterly morale survey and review.

Incidents that Task Force members most frequently referred to during the survey were:

  • The retaking of Ker'rat and liberation of the Waydi species from separatist Klingon factions/Houses.
  • The organization and deployment of Mercury and Aegis squadrons in Task Force operations.
  • The concentrated efforts by the psychology department's morale officer. The summer social continues to be widely referred to by officers with fond remembrance.
  • The return of Task Force XO, Captain Dewey.
  • While the 'defeat' of the Klingon Armada at Praetorian Station can be viewed with understandable skepticism, the recovery of the station itself has been undeniably positive news.
  • The apprehension of Starfleet fugitive and former Task Force Argo commodore, R'zo-vek. Argo officers of longer standing continue to be somewhat uneasy at R'zo-vek's likely options for sentencing, but for most others, R'zo-vek's recovery was welcome news.
  • The re-emergence of the Crystalline Entity and related Tholian incursions.


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