9 Feb: Table for Two

While Starfleet Intelligence works on following the tracked cargo planted with the Branded Lady forces, the Valley Forge resumes it's standard exploration only to be greeted by signs of intelligent new life...


When: Friday 9th Feb @ Beta +1

Where: Bridge rp & Ground map [tbc]

What: Exploration / first contact

OOC point of contact: @crystyll & anncarise


As usual for Valley Forge events, it is OPEN TO ALL, including other ships and starbase personnel. This event will likely be broken into two different sessions, so keep in mind that these events have not yet happened until the storyline is concluded and should not be discussed in-characterly until such time.
Sulayman will be there!
i wont be able to be there tonight. I think Ive spent the last three consecutive weeks on VF events and the wife wants some attention :d
Don't worry Levs, there is always plenty to be done in between the weekly episodes!

Also as this is tonight... thanks for the coincidental

giphy.gif :d