9 July: Gridlock

A familiar distress call beckons.


When: 9 July @ gamma

Where: Kelterre sector

What: GMed bridge RP

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


Please note that this event is at GAMMA instead of beta, which is when I usually do events. As a friendly reminder, as the prompt for this event is a distress call, obviously you cannot be RPing any anticipation of the event in advance.
I have a friend coming from out of state. I will hopefully be available by then but no guarantees.
Myself and the Helios will be available for this unless a ship is already planned OOCly
Count me in!
Count Fearless and her Captain as well if needed
I should be available for this unless something comes up.


And sure enough, I'm not going to be able to. Good luck!
I'll try to make it (if I'm still up at this hour :) )