A Lesson in Listening

On the planet Kerball, the Colonial Administrator sat nervously at his office. The ships from Task Force Argo had just left, after rooting out an Orion Syndicate underground base on his very planet. They had warmed him against it and he had ignored their warning. One of the ship's Captains was now on his way to see him.

Dae walked into the office with a determined step. The old fashioned swivel door shut behind him and his First Officer and a security detail stopped just outside.
Dae walked quickly across the short distance between the door and the desk the administrator sat behind. The Colonial Administrator stood up from his chair. He looked nervous, but not scared. That would soon change.

He offered a fake smile. "You must be part of the team that found the underground - - "

His words were cut off as Dae's hand shot forward, gripping him by the heavy cloth collar. Dae lifted him up for a moment, bringing him out across the desk, then slammed him down on it. The heavy armored glove crushed onto the wooden desk top, the administrator's face bouncing up off it. Dae slowly pulled him back up and farther across the desk so that the man's bleeding nose was only a few inches from the faceplate of the helmet.

The administrator shrieked a little bit. His hands gripped the heavy metal glove, one quickly reaching up to his nose to confirm that it was in fact bleeding. "Owe! My nose! You broke my - -"

Again, Dae cut him off. The words were filtered through the mechanical vocabulator, but they still carried the irritated tone. They came slowly with small pauses between them. "The next time I tell you to stop doing something, I expect it to be done. Do you understand?"

The administrator shook his head. "Yeah... ok, I got - - "

Dae pushed him and the man fell back into his chair. "I will be stopping by this sector again. Don't forget."

The administrator checked his nose again, then looked at the armored man as he walked towards the door. As the door slid open, Dae looked back over his shoulder. "You should be careful in here, administrator. You wouldn't want to fall and hit your nose... again."

As Dae left the administrator could see the security detail and a human officer fall in behind their Commander. Alone in his office again he let out a mumbled curse as he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and held it to his face.
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