A possible lead

To: CAPT Varly, Lauren
From: LTJG Max
Subj: Interesting conversation.

On 10/29/2419 I was in Event Horizon working when I overheard a conversation that may interest you. I do not have much information on this topic, but I do find what was said was odd, and may coincide with the large build up of Dominion ships in the Alpha quadrant. The following conversation was held between the Dominion intelligence agent Eiten and the commanding vorta Kalris.

E- “They still know very little about who orchestrated the coup and I hate to admit so do we.
K- * …what use are you, if you can’t even track down all those weapons?”
E- “These matters take time kalris.”
K-"…I preformed my internal investigate within a week, it was not a military operation…" she leand in and whsieored “…it has to be the foring ministry…”
E-“Well your investigations are rather superfical compared to the ones that my branch preforms.”
K-“I think your just angry that the bad apple, was not in my bearrel…maybe it was a DMI operation…for all we know.”
E-“Maybe, but doubtful. I think it might be one of those “enlightened” vorta or jem’hadar.”
K-“oh lord…please for founder sake let it not be that lot.”

Before this Kalris had mentioned to Eiten how important it was that they be involved in the Federation’s investigation. This seems odd, from observations of both Vorta, they have been contempt in the past to allow the Federation to fail in particular tasks that do not directly involve the Dominion, but they seem to have gained a new concern that was not present before. As stated I have not been informed on what ever it is the Vorta are discussing, but I do find this conversation to have possible usable intelligence to Starfleet, but I will leave that up to you.

Lieutenant Junior Grade,
Deep Space 13.