AAR: A Chroniton Oopsie

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ENS Sovum, Veneela

LOCATION Federation Research Station A-675 “Arno Penzias”

A-675 System

Aldebaran Sector

MISSION Make contact with station personnel to determine the delay of research data and to offer assistance if needed.

OUTCOME Mass Casualty event from being stuck in Chroniton loop. All Patients actively being treated aboard USS Endeavour


  • CPT Valencia, Gabriella ( @Sam )
  • LTJG Niriaj, Alex ( @Moose )
  • ENS Sovum, Veneela

NARRATIVE Having not received valuable research data, or a response from the station’s crew in over a week, a small away team from the USS Endeavour was beamed aboard the station to investigate. Finding evidence of a party and fouled food, LTJG was able to slowly gain access to the stations computer and logs while ENS Sovum and CPT Valencia discovered chroniton particles in the science department. After an investigation was conducted, thirty-five souls were discovered in a type of temporal anomaly. After discovering the mechanics of the chroniton shifts, the away team was able to safely recover all crewmembers, sedate them, and put them in a medically induced stasis while emergency channels were opened with the USS Endeavour. The away team and all officers and crew of the station were recovered and summarily transported to medical to be treated.

RECOMMENDATION A full debrief of the station science crew to fully understand all the events that transpired and a full rebrief of Temporal procedures is strongly recommended.

RECOGNITIONAll officers on the away team perform their duties with the utmost care, and professionalism one would expect from Starfleet and M.A.C.O

OOCThanks for the event Sam this was really fun to dive into!